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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
11:14 am
i am moving to saskatoon
to work there. cause I got a sweet job. sweet. if you live there and you know of a one bedroom apartment that is broadway'ish that I could rent you should let me know.
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
3:41 am
I had a very pleasant and relaxing sat. evening.

The late afternoon involved a meeting with my thesis supervisor, Peter. I have said it before, and I will no doubt say it again, he is awesome. He always makes me feel like the thesis I am writing, or at least plan on writing...sometime, is important, good work. He is also super stoked on my job prospects, which is cool.

Then I went and saw david at his house. I haven't seen him in a long time. It was good to see him, we just chatted for an hour.

Then I took the subway to ossington station. Upon arriving there I walked south and picked up some milk and some candy. Then I picked up some movies to return, they were overdue, I explained that I had the best of punctual return intentions, but I think the clerk though the renter doth'd protest'd too much. Though I didn't have to pay the fee - take that black dog video!

I also may never have to pay the late fee, even though the black dog is my closest video store. The reason for this is my local will hopefully change very soon. I have a job interview on Monday for a job I really, really want very, very much. I don't want to jinx it but I know some people who work at the union where I would be working as a rep and they think I have a really good shot. So as per usual I am getting my hopes up too high, too early.

The job is in Saskatoon. If I get it I would move really really soon. Like as soon as possible soon, which is, you know, soon, as soon as possible, A.S.A.P., for the acronym inclined. The job would be sweet cause I figure I will try to do good meaningful work in the labour movement [clenched teeth, shifty eyes, collar pull, deep breath, long sigh] in Saskatchewan. I have decided to move back to Saskatchewan. I think the only person this surpises is me.

It does surprise me though. Up until a few months ago I was set on staying in Toronto. But now I don't want too, so that is that. Toronto doesn't feel like home to me, and it doesnt' feel like it ever will. David asked me to explain why, I don't think I did a good job of that, and I think I may have offended him.

I do have a few friends who I see a lot. I, obviously, see Simon a lot, as I live with him now. I see him a lot more now than I did before thats for sure. I see katie a lot, curt quite a bit, lee and laine often. I see J a lot too. Asides from those people I hardly see anybody ever. I have seen a lot of sharmeen lately, but that is cause she is on sick leave. I had not seen david for months before I saw him today. I have all these close friends of mine here whom I never see, and I don't think that would change no matter how long I was in Toronto, and that doesn't exactly make the city appeal to me.

I suppose it would change cause most of my friends are in school and working a ton and all that shit. Though most of my friends who are in school are in their PhD and asides from Simon and Amber none of them are close to finishing.

I am really going to miss the shit out of Toronto though. I didn't really know katie and curt before they moved here. I will miss my former awesome factory tenants. I will miss J. I feel pretty shitty moving out of my place with simon now, having just moved in july 1. But I am giving him two months notice. So if you are looking for what has been described as "the biggest room in the world" by me you should let me know, you could move in as late as Nov. 1. And Simon is one of my best friends, and we both are single,lonely, grad students, so not seeing him everyday is gonna be tough.

The person who I am gonna miss the most is Leslie. Anyone who knows me knows that I see my aunt twice a week. I have seen a lot more of her since she has been off work, and that has been over a year now. I wasn't really that close to my aunt before I moved here. I was really fond of her, but she was a lot closer to Lara. I can honestly say that there are times when I woudln't have been able to handle Toronto if Leslie wasn't here. There is something about having family who cares about you, and likes food, and wine, and movies, and mitsy's as much as you do in the same city. It just makes a gigantic difference. I am really close to Leslie now and I am gonna miss her like crazy.

I will also miss Toronto. There are about 9278 restaurants in this city that I love, and 2756 of them are within fifteen minutes of my house. Regina,and Saskatoon, do not have a Sweaty Betty's equivalent, they don't even have a pour house equivalent...as the wings at O'Hanlons are not very good. There is no communist daughter.

Regina, and hopefully Saskatoon, does have a lot of stuff that I have missed though. Regina doesn't have 9278 off anthing...asides from problems. Though I have obviously missed Regina enough that I want to go back, and fast, quick, as soon as possible, immediately.

The whole sticking point here is obviously the job interview. Job interviews make me uncomfortable because I know that I am far from perfect. I just don't feel so hot about someone taking notes about concrete observations that make that glaringly obvious and then using those same notes figure out they the should tell me to go pound sand...or look for work somewhere else.
Monday, July 23rd, 2007
10:29 am
family + harry potter = one happy nick
Allo Allo

Things have been not really very crazy as off late. I am liking the location of my apartment. The only thing affecting it is the strip club that is beside on my left, and the bbq that is beside me on my right. The bbq stinks up my balcony pretty much all day. The balcony is awesome in the evening though, that is when the bbq is closed.

However, the evening is when the strip bar opens. I don't have a problem with strip bars. I do have a problem with the creepy door man who stands outside on the street allnight. Strip bars gotta go somewhere though I guess, and someone has to live beside them, so it might as well be me.

It impacts my enjoyment of the bbq stench free balcony as when I read out there in the evening I get the opportunity to enjoy the baby doll soundtrack. Feel like making love is a favourite. I also hear the DJ talking pretty clearly.

I don't often see anyone going into the strip bar or coming out of it. Simon says that once a year the place opens for about a month. Apparently you can't transfer liquor licensces for strip bars in Toronto to different locations. They also cost $50,000. So I guess the holder of this particular liquor licensce doesn't want to give up the dream. Simon says the place always closes down after it opens up for a while.

So my father came to visit me last week. He really liked the apartment. I think what that means is he liked that he could smoke on the balcony, drink wine on the balcony, and smoke in the living room.

His visit was really short. He got in at midnight on wed. and left at 4pm on Sat. I love seeing my dad. It only happens twice a year though. This was the toughest time I have had with that in a while cause it was so short. What can you do?

We decided it was a good idea to go out for fancy lunches and dinners and to drink wine. Worked for me. We had some really great meals. Summerlicious was on so really expensive restaurants were pretty reasonable. Ergo, we went to Canoe, which is on the 54th floor of the TD tower. The food was great, the view was gross, you usually get to see the lake and the island, or downtown, but tons and tons of smog was obscuring everything.

After that we went to the bata shoe museum. Then we walked around yorkville cause that is my dad's favourite neighbourhood in Toronto. We went up to the hyatt roof top patio. If you have people visiting you, and they don't mind paying $6 for one beer, a good place to go is the hyatt roof top patio at bloor and avenue. The view is amazing. You also get a tray of olives, almonds, and some sort of dried fruit, so that takes the sting out of a $9 Grolsch a little bit.

That evening we went to julies, a cuban place on dovercourt, it was allright. The corn fritters were good, but super greasy. The mojitos were good, but $8. The mains were so so. The key lime pie was fantastic.

That evening we went to sweaty betty's with some friends of mine and that was fun. The day after we did the same thing, brunch at mitsys, dinner at the jamie kennedy wine bar, which was awesome. Then my dad went to sleep, and I went to pick up the new harry potter.

I got home from picking up potter at around 1. I started reading at around 1:30 and stayed up till 4 as I couldn't put it down. I got up in the morning, me and my dad took the kipling subway to leslies and had the most ridiculous brunch ever. It was so amazing.

My dads brother and his wife came into see my dad. They had brunch with us. After brunch they drove my dad to the airport. I was sad to see him go but it was great seeing him.

I then proceeded to read the rest of the potter book in about three and a half hours. I don't like spoiling it for people so I will just say I thought the book was great and I was really happy with it. It brought in so much from the previous books, it was really exciting, really sad at times, I loved it.

I am rereading for a couple reasons. As sad as it is I take a lot of joy out of the harry potter books. So I am rereading it so that I can drag that out for a while. I also want to make sure I didn't miss anything. I read it really fast the first time so I am sure I missed a lot. There is some pretty complex stuff at the end that I think I need to read over to grasp fully.

This of course does not bode well for my thesis. As I am struggling to grasp a quickly read childrens book. Perhaps I should see if ol J.K. will be on my committee.

The job search isn't going so hot. I had an interview last week but I don't think anything will come of it. I applied for a job I would really like last week but I am not holding my breath. I have no confidence in getting a job in toronto as there are so many qualified people here. I want to move home, but there isn't a whole lot of work there. I guess I will just do part time research stuff till I get a job.
Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
1:52 am
the biggest room in the world
The awesome factory is dead. Long live the awesome factory. I moved out of my diggs a couple of days ago. We got a pretty sweet sublet deal. The people moving in are in France and don't get back till mid july. So I hauled a bunch of stuff on the 2nd as well as the first. My new digs are in the same neighbourhood, which is good cause I really like it here. What isn't so good is that my new apartment needs a thorough cleaning. The kitchen and bathroom are in for it tommorow I can tell you that much. The other thing that is in for it tommorow is the enter button on my laptop. It isn't real responsive right now. Good thing I am not running a utility grid or anything, cause I saw live free or die hard last week, and we are one wacky computer genius away from catastrophe, yippy kay hyperbole. I have been watching a lot of movies lately. I saw die hard, and ratatouee, or however pixar spelt it. Ratawhatever is really charming. I recommend the shit out of it. I also saw Sicko. I always go to michael moore movies, I guess to get a crash course in liberal propaganda. Canada, France, Britain, no problems, U.S.A., tons of problems, our ruling class rule the shit out of rule...meh. There is some good attack on the u.s. healthcare system, which is like shooting uninsured fish in a barrel. To balance the good there is some racist positioning of guantanamo bay. As liberalism=racism this is not surprising. The stuff on Cuba's healthcare system is really good. If we could just look into each others hearts, we could all have what France and Cuba have, which is something in common, I guess..."what are two countries that have never been in my kitchen?" My dad is coming to visit in a couple weeks so that will be fucking awesome. In other visitor news good ol ian roberton is coming this way too, so that will involve a breakfast out everday he is here, which is fine by me. I do wish that I would get to see my dad for more than a couple days, but what can you do? Oh yah, the awesome thing about my new place is I am living with simon, so thats cool. The non human best part of my new place is my gigantic room, the biggest room in the world. It has a balcony attached to it, and a skylight. It is more than twice the size of the carpet my dad gave me, which could not be said of my old room. My old room was the largest room I had ever lived in. If things continue at this pace by 2025 my room will cover so much [house sized] teritorry that an evil computer genius will have to end my reign of terror [mortgage]. BRING IT ON NERDLINGER [please]!!!
Monday, June 18th, 2007
1:33 pm
alas good thing I knew it too well
I haven't put anything on here in a really long time.

I did my traditional return trip to Regina this summer. Though for a much shorter period, three weeks as opposed to four months last year. My trip to regina was good but I didn't feel like I saw enough of anyone except lara. Even though I saw lara a lot she was working a bunch so I didn't see that much of her. I was also somewhat broke when I was in Regina so that impacted my going out quite a bit.

I didn't see anywhere near enough of mr. derek hamers, but he was busy with school. I also didn't see much of my other budgees as well, steve, jen, brette, and especially corbin, who I think I saw twice for short stretches. It was a different vibe returning this time. Aidan pointed out to me a couple a nights ago that it probably had a lot to do with going back so early in the summer.

So why did I do that? Well to go to congress of course! I am sure that there were a lot of interesting things said at congress, but asides from simons presentation and my own I didn't see any of them. I was mostly there to see people from Saskatoon who I hadn't seen in a while. I saw Pete, which was awesome, and rachel and his daughter Amelie, who was cutes. I saw good ol suzy zimmer. I hung out with Peter as well, the worlds best thesis supervisor. Christian came into s'toon on the friday night and it was the first time he had seen simon in something like six years so that was cool.

One good thing about my trip to regina was that I did see a lot of christian even though he is working in Watrous right now. I even got to see tara which was a surprise cause she lives in B.C. now.

Since my return from Regina, and before I left for it. I have been busy with part time research stuff. That is what I do to pay the bills after all. Currently I am trying to arrange the interviews for my thesis to be done for the end of next week. I certainly hope that works out. I am going to try and get my lit review almost done in that amount of time as well.

I have to have my thesis done by the end of august. Getting that finished doesn't really bother me, I think I will set it up so I just do thesis stuff from mid july to mid august. What does bother me is how I have no idea what to do after I am done. Should I stay in Toronto? Should I go back to Regina? I do feel attached to Regina but almost all my friends are leaving there...which kind of freaks me out when I think about going back.

If I go back to Regina I will really miss Toronto, so I really don't know what to do, but I got time to figure it out, so hopefully I can do that. Maybe I will move somewhere else, like edmonton or something.

This weekend was pretty sweet. I went over to Aidan's on sat. night and he cooked up some skewers on his bbq and we took done red, white, and sparkling wine. Then I went to a party thrown by people I knew from No One Is Illegal stuff, though the home owner was passed out by the time I got there I had a great time. Francisco and Palomas from my program were there so that was cool. Friday night me and simon went to a bbq/party for good ol dave mitchell who was in town. Briarpatch is hiring someone part time, maybe me? Anyone who is good at making life decisions should tell me how to do it.
Friday, April 27th, 2007
12:25 pm
I went to Leslies last night to watch Grey's Anatomy. I am somewhat concerned about the whereabouts of my favourite character come the end of this season. Something has gotta give at Seattle Grace. Then we went to see Hot Fuzz. If you have a hankering for a movie that makes fun of action movies you should take it in. It is pretty damn funny.

In the realm of the realer I am actually getting stuff done in thesis town. This is pretty shocking. I got my ethics review approved, I just have to make some small changes to my consent letter. I have started doing interviews, one down, seven to go. I am finally finished my marking job. I would complain about that job, but it paid really well, so I won't. My research job, which doesn't pay as well, and I hate, is starting to get into the swing of things, I need to put that thing to bed right quick.

I had a job interview for three jobs. Maybe I will get one? Stranger things have happened.

I am pretty freaked out that it is almost may. I am excited for a conference at OISE next week though. Himmani Bannerji is doing a talk on Agamben. I used that guy quite a bit in a paper I worked on that I am presenting in Saskatoon at the end of may.
Saturday, April 7th, 2007
2:23 pm
the phallus, no matter how large or explosive, is not a source of liberation
I believe this is what all whom saw the grindhouse movie friday afternoon would say. I really didn't like the quentin tarintino half off the movie, lee and laine prefered it over the rodriguez half, I think laine would have preffered watching street legal reruns over the rodriguez half. there is no shortage of misogny in the rodrigues half, i would say the same for the terantino half as well, but its a woman centred misogny...sort off. I sometimes worry that good anti racist feminist socialist analyses of film gives to much credit to directors and movies that are just bad. Are they disrupting the pleasure of the gaze? or are they just boring? Is the movie the thing, wherein you'll catch the conscience of the revolution? I don't think it is. I probably should read some stuff on analyzing film though. I don't know jack shit about that stuff. If you do see grindhouse though, stop watching the thanksgiving trailer after about the first minute, that shit is just about as offensive as misogny can get.

I think I am going to try and get to some of the ken loach movies at the dealy for him at the cinemateque though. I really liked the wind that shakes the barley. Simon, whom I saw it with, described it as franz fanon goes to Ireland. I would say that sums it up pretty good. One line is a guy talking about the agreement with the british without independence or socialism as simply changing "the colour of the flag and the accents of the powerful." Pretty close to the algerian cops switched for french cops. I thought it did a good job of troubling how violence in revolutionary movements replicates hegemonic power relationships too.

I have a job interview next monday. I hope I get it. Something 9 to 5 would make me feel more productive I figure. It will also guarantee I can stay in Toronto for a while, which would suit me just fine.

We had our CUPE 3907 GMM and Social on thursday. We only had two people at the GMM, which really sucks, but its the first meeting we didn't have quorom at this year, and that is a drastic improvement over the previous two years. I think we have put the local in a decent position to get into a better space for next year. Though you think about stuff you would have done different a lot more than you think of what you did well thats for damn sure.

I still haven't received my ethics approval yet, so I am a tad concerned about that. I need to get my thesis intro done this week. This is going to be difficult as I lost one of my notebooks that had all my notes for all the Gramsci stuff I read. That really fucking sucks, as I will have to reread all that stuff now. Oh well, I should probably be used to the consequences of my screw ups after 24 years of practice (I figure I laid my game down flat from years 0-3).

Asides from all the work I have to do this week my schedule is pretty damn packed. I have something to do monday night, then dinner with shane and christine tuesday, then do make say think on thurs. night, the books on fri. night, and then a friends housewarming party on sat. night. there is also a party on friday night.

Tonight I am concerned that the glorious montreal canadiens, my favourite sporting team in the universe, will by some terrible malfeasance, be defeated by the horrid leafs. A defeat would remove the canadiens from the championship tournament. Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! Tabernacle, well lets hope not.

My mom is coming to visit in May. I am looking forward to that. My mom and Leslie are about as adorable as adorable gets when they hang out together. They also like to be adorable while going out for delicious dinners, which suits me just fine. I can see that one could argue the practice of fancy eats also replicates hegemonic power relationships. Perhaps the grubs the thing, wherein' I'll catch the conscience of digesting.
Monday, March 19th, 2007
3:53 am
that movie poster is full of cracks
but that doesn't mean you should avert your eyes. or perhaps it does. yes friends, in fact, perhaps it does mean that. the averting is what I mean; you should avert your eyes.

but whence should once avert and to what extent? two deep questions, with only one and, is this madness? no, in fact it is not, it is man manness. which is what I, and approximately one hundred and fifty others were lucky to expose themselves on this sunday night, in march, in a fair city. for man man brought what is commonly referred to as A game, but on this night warranted at least one plus.

i have been to some shows my friends, oh indeed i have. but none like this. there are some contenders. thing is, all those contenders are regina based. and why; oh why? oh answer. regina people are so fucking incensced to get their rock on that at times, and those times are sadly getting rarer, they will "pop the fuck off". Toronto people are fucking boring. I mean that with the most malice possible. Toronto assholes could go to see guns n fucking roses open for the fucking who, back when the who were the fucking who, and they would be like "if my head nod is to pronounced no one will notice the fact that my skirt matches both my socks and my boots."

as such there should be a special place in hell for those who approach shows in an area in which they are so plentifull. but instead of a special hot place they just get good seating,at all the shows, that so many would like to see. so this man man show was especially fucking awesome cause people were forced to be stoked.

that takes a lot of work. specifically, for these intensive purposes, it took about ten drumsticks. every fucking guy in man man, and there were five, weilded their drumsticks with such ferocity, such vigour, that you could not help but be incensced. it was simply glorious. everything a show should be and nothing a show shouldn't be. an intent band, a receptive crowd, a recipe for all kinds of success.

this is one signifigant way in which my life differs from this evenings show. i am not a recipe for success. or ain't I? perhaps I am just waiting to bust the fuck out. WATCH OUT WORLD!!! you could, possibly...doubtfully...in happenstanciation, be in for it.
Sunday, February 25th, 2007
11:56 pm
so I was out for a drink with a friend tonight and she mentioned that her friend was once told by a doctor that the infection they had was called "bronchitistitis" or however you would actually spell that if you were a doctor, or a pharmacist, or competent. I figure that maybe all ailments and diseases should have funny names, cause at least you could get a chuckle before the harsh realization sets in. speaking of harsh realizations...i actually have nothing to back that up, but that is some transition phrase.

speaking of transition phrases, and people who write them, Ian came to visit me this weekend. it was awesome. it was also katie bowes bday so the weekend was lovely. though my bday night activities left me feeling like warmed over harsh realization on sat. so I couldn't even take being at a friends bday party for more than 45 minutes on sat. night, and I realized that as it was all people I knew from school, Ian was having a terrible time.

Ians visit was good. I really like it when my friends visit me. I should visit them more often. It is now my turn to go to Montreal as Ian pointed out. So I shoulds do that purty soon.

I perhpas could use the retro pay I got on my first marking cheque. Whats up $350 - take that credit card. In fact take that credit card and perhaps a black and white argyle sweater from club monaco, and a white tie too - hottimes.

It looks like I am going to be going back to regina for a couple weeks at the middle of may, just in time for may long weekend. Good stuff. In addition to that I will be going back when simon goes back too, so that is cool. I won't be returning for the whole summer though. Just a couple weeks.

I will be going back to regina at that time, as I would otherwise go in the far more pleasant July, cause there is a conference in S'toon that I will be presenting a paper at. SO I will get some conference funding for that. Now I just have to find a conference in Ireland, Scotland, England, or some other int'l destination so I can hook up the $850 of sweet int'l funding, as opposed to the $350 domestic. Thing about those arrangements is it is more expensive to fly to regina than london.

We have reached a memorandum of settlement in the bargaining that has plagued my life since sept. Whilst in bargaining settling means (usually?) a good thing. That says a whole hell of a lot about bargaining. Though I don't think the local did to bad all things considered, and I think it is in a much better place as a local than it was when we started. So that makes me feel good.
Thursday, February 15th, 2007
10:48 pm
i'm all a tither
I am not sure what tither means. I think all in a tither means you are confused. If it doesn't mean that just pretend it does for the duration of this posting.

My tithering has a lot to do with my union work, my work work,and my school work, and me feeling like I am not doing a very good job of any of it. I have a lot of union stuff to do next week. We have two days of concilliation next week. I am sure I will leave those meetings feeling good about life. My research job is going terribly. I haven't found a 'best practice' yet and my boss manages to come in at least once every time I am there and tell me how much money they have spent on my wages and then injecting lines like "its not your fault" every once in a while. i think you can file that with other phrases that clearly mean the exact opposite of the sum of each individual word. For instance the ol 'its not you its me' would be an example of this type of phrase, another example would be "yes nick we would love it if you came over."

On top of that I am not really stressed about my thesis but I don't really know how I should structure a bunch of it so I figure I need to talk to my supervisor about that. I also need to get my ethics review in so I am approved for my interviews before april or something ridiculous.

There has not been and meaningful developments in my life as of late. I did go to see opera for the first time on saturday. That shit is nuts. We were as far away from the stage as was possible and there was this part where the lead opera woman'n was opera'n while laying on the ground, and we could hear her, and she was loud. How is that possible? Then we went for thai food, which was delicious.

I guess the one real development in my life is the ending of the awesome factory in not so distant future. Lee and laine will be able to enjoy all the benefits of domestic bliss, which hopefully involve couriering delicious meals to my new house. I will be moving in with simon. I get his roomates room which has a sky light and a balcony. I will feel like james bond. The sky light is from whence I will launch my rocket car, and the balcony is where I will bbq. Interestingly enough the bbq is more technologically advanced than the rocket car. Some would say that does not bode well for the rocket car. Some don't know how well that bodes for the bbq. I don't know when I will be moving, could be June 1st, could be May 1st. Though that is supposed to get cleared up this week.

Every other day I think of something funny to write, well at least I think it is funny. But I always forget it. So I bought this little notebook to write stuff in. It is empty. When I could hide behind a bad memory I felt a whole lot funnier. Actually there is some stuff in it but that largely consists of lists of places I would rather be that I write while I am in meetings. I would post those lists but they are quite vulgar.
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
12:48 am
three cheers to kindness
so today I picked up some papers for marking. apparently these two page papers are supposed to take me five minutes. sweet. apparently i am the marking equivalent of a microwave dinner.

anywhoo after I picked up the papers I was like "I am going to loose these" so I kept my focus on them like you wouldn't believed. had that plastic bag clutched tight in my hand. so I am on the subway and I am sitting down and we get to the stop and I realize it is mine. so the doors are about to close and I get up and out of that train fast. then a plastic bag hits me in the back of the leg. i turn around and a woman is looking at me, and i look at her, then I look down and I see the bag full of papers. Holy shit. that was close. So that woman is my favourite person in toronto. wherever she maybe I hope her bed feels extra warm tonight and she has nothing but the loveliest of dreams. I would have been so fucked.

that was after I went for dinner with nrinder. which was good. it was at fresh, which to be honest isn't really my cup of tea, though they do make a mean sweet potato frie, especially when it is dunked in miso gravy. it was good to see nrinder. she was here for this labour educators design workshop at OISE which I went to. That was good stuff actually, and there were free sandwhiches - hip hip. I like having dinner with nrinder, she is really good at her job, but she is really laid back and I like talking to her about her work stuff, and her family stuff, and her new house. this all makes sense as we are what the french call "les homies." it is funny talkig to someone whose bosses resignation was in the new york times, and her talking about the exec meeting where he did his resignation speech.

today i managed to also screw up the time of the OISE town hall meeting. so that was good work on my part.

tommorow i am off to scenic windsor where I will be presenting at a labour studies conference and hanging out with my friend jared. let the good times roll.
Friday, January 26th, 2007
6:31 pm
I wish chris johnstone turned 30 more often
I wish this because on the occassion of mr. johnstone's bday last eve I enjoyed a delicious meal. How delicious you ask? PREPARE TO BE ASTONISHED!!! The meal took place at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. I had not been there in a while but I really like it their. It is expensive, and fancy, and a little nose in the air'ish. But compared to restaurants it is comparable too it is much more laid back and the staff are nice. IT can be super expensive, especially cause they have wicked pricey wine options, but it also can be really reasonable. Last night tended toward the pricey end of the spectrum. But it was worth it.

To start me and lee split a poutine, chris and allicia did the same, and dara, who is a vegetarian, had the winter salad. All of these things were delicious. In a review of jamie kennedy's restaurant at the gardiner the food writer for the toronto star quoted this british tv jerk chef who said "if I were known for my fries I would kill myself." Thing is the fries at the wine bar, and his other restaurants (though the extent to which they are "his" is obviously questionable based on the fact that it he doesn't even cook at them, and obviously the food produced at the restaurants relies more on the work of the tons of people in the ol' kitchen then some jerk with a big hat)are facking delicious. Seriously, if you are around the place and you got ten bucks burning a hole in your pocket just go get some and a glass of wine and you will leave happier than you enter. guaranteed.

so after the poutine lee had a duck confit with smokey beans. it was delicious. i know cause when it arrived I wasted no time in declaring "sharesies." This of course creates a binding verbal culinary contract. the duck was so tender, and they seared it in something hella delicious, it went so well with the beans, which had the trademark lovely flavour of the slow cooked. The dish I got made lee happy I declared sharesies. Entrecote of beef with northern wood mushrooms. Absolutely fucking awesome. The beef was perfectly cooked, and really high quality. The mushrooms were fucking incredible. They tasted fresh, which I Don't really get cause its winter, but whatever, maybe leaps and bounds have been made in mushroom harvesting that I remain ignorant of. They came with a light cream sauce that just augmented their natural deliciousness. ME and lee finished of the meal in the spirit of sharesies by getting a cheese plate and a terrine, pate, and sausage plate. The cheese was really out of hand. We got some bread to go with it that was wonderful as well. All the cheese was canadian, one from ontario, the others from quebec, they were mostly mild'ish but still very flavourfull.

So all in all it was just great food. The wine was real nice. We started with some sparkling stuff from italy, ruggieri or something like that I think. It was $32 which was pretty sweet based on how good it was. Then we had a pinot noir from france with a really long name that was pricier but wicked delicious. I finished off with a port that the server "accidentally overpoured." As per usual the excess did not go to waste. Here is to curious fortune and its porty results.

I guess I haven't posted on here in a while. So this will probably be long and will result in mocking from certain people. But my skin is thick. In fact my skin is 7 pounds thicker than it was at the beginning of dec. So that ain't so cool. But what can you do? Booze and fancy beef doesn't burn itself. And while i have been going to the gym I have only been going three times a week, I would like to go four times, so we will see how that pans out.

I am still bargaining and I still hate it. One highlight of our bargaining session is as follows. The university countered our proposal of increased benefits with a "healthcare spending account." What this account does is it covers money for the worker, and dependants to the tune of $300 per contract. You submit your receipts and then you get paid back. There are a lot of problems with this but an obvious one is how are our members, whose wages are below the poverty line, pay for expensive medication if they get sick when they are paying for books or some other expense? I figure that you should create the least amount of barriers for people to get the care they need, and healthcare accounts don't do that. IN addition to this they have to budget for 100% usage of the account. Even though they said that the unit at U of T who has it in their contract sees around 25% usage. And that is cause they say sessionals are often times covered by other benefit plans. Right, I am sure tons of sessionals are working really well paid jobs with benefits and just take on teaching a course for the hell of it. Fuck off.

SO we are in bargaining one day and we raise our concerns about the spending accounts and the head bargainer for the university goes "well we can just pull it off the table if it is unacceptable." THat must be nice. You go home after a tough day of work and someone asks
"how was your day honey/smoochie/roomie/notary public or whatever and you say "oh it was great I really fucking stuck it to those assholes who actually want their members to have somewhat meaningful benefits" and then there is much high fiving and drinking of goats blood. Good lord.

So as that story indicates I fucking hate bargaining. WE have been doing it for so long too. A bunch of locals say they just apply for concilliation early in the bargaining and I wish we had done that. I was worried about not having people mobilized as the local has been dormant for a long time. But we are still only getting around 15 people to our general membership meetings and only two of those who weren't on the exec expressed any interest about being on the bargaining support committee so I figure at least we would have been finished and screwed as opposed to still bargaining and screwed if we applied earlier. And perhaps a sense of urgency isn't the worst thing to have while bargaining. Live and learn I guess.

Other than that there isn't really anything of interest going on in my life. I got another job to pay my tuition. Marking em papers for a class at u of t scarborough. I guess they are always scrambling for people so hopefully this gets me and in to some summer work. It pays pretty fucking sweet so I figure I may only have to borrow around a grand or two to pay my tuition. Which is better than what I was looking at a week ago thats for damn sure.

As far as my school work goes I am in big trouble friends. Big trouble. But the sweet stress of crunch time will lead me to success. Or at least that is the story I am goign to cling to until I am sobbing in front of a computer at the end of august screaming "WHY NICHOLAS WHY MUST YOU BE SO BADS?!?!?!" I get to present at a conference in windsor this weekend. Take that CV. I will get to see my friend jared which will be fun. And I think tommorow is going to be awesome cause I Will be rolling with sharmeen, first sushi, then prairie new years and possibly a housewarming in between. Let the good times roll.
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
3:52 am
the more things change the more craps stays the same
While one could assume that this would be the jumping off point for a long tirade one would be incorrect. It refers to the fact that today I saw Casino Royale for the second time, as I am a sucker for tough guys in nice suits. And while I saw it on the 1st day of a new year, the movie, and the casio happenings (which include craps,) stayed the same as when I had seen it way back in nov. of 2006. heavens to betsy, perhaps all those new years days hangovers were for nothing. though I mean you might as well mark time passing some way, and getting shisty and ordering pizza at 4am is a lot better way to do it than a lot of other things I can think off.

Like not ordering pizza at 4am. Which is what I did last night due to the fact I went home at 3:30am because there seemed to be a lack of pizza ordering happening at my friends house and I was hungry, tired, and drunk. So that trifecta of argh caused me to catch a ride home and heat up some left over chicken pot pie. Which was delicious. I heard that after I left pizza was ordered, so I am sad to have missed out on that, and I guess hanging out with my friends for another couple hours would have been allright too. Especially given the fact I could have witnessed derek dropping knowledge about how he was going to inject all kinds of MEN MEN MEN violence into chris's weekly road hockey game. Of course derek is only adept and visiting violence upon himself through stress, so his jokes would have led to hearty guffaws, but I was not there. I was busy getting phone calls at 4am that were either looking for a party, or lamenting the fact that I didn't attend one. I figure one good way to mark time passing would be to catalog your responses to phone calls. For instance last night my response to the phone calls of early new years day was to continue eating my chicken pot pie, in another time, though in the same place (my moms basement), my response to those calls would have been a lot different.

This trip home has been about more than differing responses to people, and their phone calls. It has been great to be around my family, because I miss them all the time, and around my friends, for similar missing scenarios. My time with my family has been great, Leslie visited for the first time in four years and her and my mom have so much fun together it is really great to see. The family news from this visit is that my dad will once again be returning to Pakistan to work. This makes me sad as I like it when my dad is in the same country as I am, but what can you do? Dude needs a job.

My sister's plans seem up in the air. That is one way in which me and my sister are very similar. I have absolutely no idea what the fuck I am going to do after I am done my degree. This gives me something in common with a great number of my friends who have no fucking idea what the hell they are going to be doing sometime soon'ish. This is leading to a great deal of frowning, and pondering. I suppose that I will get a job and do it for a while and then go back to school. Is that how it is? I know, based on experience, that I do pretty much everything wrong so I have a hunch that this isn't how the future should be thought off. and if it is it should be called something other than "the future" like "the sigh" or the "while I guess that is what is going to happen, do you pay via direct deposit? cause I can't handle five day holds on month end cheques otherwise my post dated rent cheques will bounce."

This seems to me like a much more honest rendering of the future. At the risk of waxing nostalgic I am going to write the following few sentences, proceed at your own risk. I remember when I was a little kid my disposition was not what one would call sunny. Even given this fact I did feel that I was pretty good a reading books and talking and making jokes and being liked and caring about things and given this combination of skills and character traits I would be able to do something that made me while not necessarily happy, cause I don't think fat kids realy ever bank on happiness, it would at least make me feel interesting. And even as far back as finishing university, way back in April of 2002, I figured, though of course my analysis of my self and location had become more nuanced and blah blah blah, that things would kind of work towards the interesting end of the spectrum.

Nowadays I am not so sure. I guess i am just pretty fucking scared of spending my life doing jobs that pay well enough for me to get buy, go out to eat, every once and a while go somewhere nice to eat, maybe get a nice looking sport coat and a pair of pants, and in between my work, eating, shopping, and working on some kind of cause I care about like, oh you know, internet sites that don't make tieing a tie harder than it has to be, or social justice. And while doing all these things that I kind of like I will not be doing the interesting things that I once though I would do. It isn't like I have ever had some idealized notion of a workplace where everything was glorious and the agenda for every day involved initiating important progressive, or god forbid, revolutionary activities or praxis or something like that into my work, but I did figure I would inject something more than my early morning coffee fixed ass into a desk in the hope that at some point in the day something more interesting than my farside day calendars wacky take on the mess we call life would give me hope to keep on keepin on.

Up until this point I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to do and why I wanted to do it. Now i have a good idea of why I want to do stuff, but I am pretty stuck as to options that will allow me to practice what I have preached in the past, and would like to continue to preach, even if it is only during trips to the "water cooler," which is a scenario I hoped to never actually use in conversation about the nuances of my day. I figured for a while I would do union stuff. But the possibillity of being burnt out by the time I am 30 due to working 50 to 70 hours a week isn't what I would call enticing. I guess I should probably not look for a vast array of fulfillment from my work, I could see about how thinking that work is going to make me at least something approaching content could be an issue of white male middle class entitlement, but the flip side of that sense of entitlement strikes me as really depressing.

So I guess perhaps the title that I didn't mean as a jumping off point for a long tirade was the beginning of what I had hoped to avoid. I just hope that the title, and my misguided feelings about the text it was initiating, doesn't share a lot in common with the beginning of my "future" days. I think perhaps a little sucking it up is in order. I mean the thing about work is that people do it, not machines, well at least if it isn't machine work, but if those things start thinking like people my problems will pale in comparison to scenarios that will resemble either terminator, or honey I shurnk the kids, or some mash of of those two cultural artifcats. No matter how shitty my job is It is work that I will be doing so I know that at the very least I will be able to take solice in imagined scenarios of painful demise for either coworkers I dislike, my employer, or scenarios in which both of those individuals are forced through a wind tunnel into each other at increasingly high velocities. See that is a pretty good scenario of painful demise, and I haven't even started my exciting new job. Theres nowhere but up from here, even if that up does have kind of a wind tunnel feel to it.

Current Mood: concerned
Friday, December 15th, 2006
2:44 am
So I have been in Regina for a couple weeks now.

It has been great. Hanging out with my dad a lot cause he is home doing his contract stuff and looking for work and I am home doing my research stuff. So that has been pretty awesome. I love hanging out with my dad. We drove up to Estevan to see my grams on tuesday. When my dad had left the dairy queen in weyburn, and with two dq dipped cones (mark of a true gentleman), he said to me "the decorations in there are the best I have seen in a restaurant." This puts them far ahead of java express in the south end of Regina. My dad told the owner/manager type woman that he liked the flower arrangement, but neglected to mention that all the pink didn't match. He didn't see the point in bringing that up. What a guy.

Tuesdays trip to Estevan was supposed to take place on Mon. The trip was postponed because both lara and the harv finished university on monday. Pretty fucking sweet. Though they were not as stoked on being done as I was. I don't really understand this, as they both worked a lot harder than I did. The day I finished my undergrad was the happiest I have ever been in my life. I went to the owl, the campus bar, had a pint at 11:00am, my friend Evan walked in and said "you look really happy" and I replied "that is because I am" - true story. Lara and the Harv were stoked to be done but they weren't as overjoyed as I was.

We celebrated their completion of degrees by going to the Ol Bodizzle. Imagine that. I kept it pretty low key but the pair of them got lit up like a christmas tree. Though not enough to want to go to Sparky's for a post last call pizza pie, which though I can't remember for certain I guaranfuckingtee is what I did after I went out and got immaculate after I finished my degree. Their friend Dusitn bought a bunch of the tables drinks, which was really nice. He was a lovely fellow. I am sure I will see him around.

Well I have been here many of my budgees have been out of commision. Leie and Laine have both been fucking sick as hell, which is rough as all get out. hamers is going through his worst school crisis yet, and trust me, that is saying a lot. Brette the Pistol is sidelined by school stuff, as is pretty much everyone else I know, including the delios. We have been able to hang out, but much of this time has been devoted to digital camera flashes, and I like new myspace pictures as much as the next individual but good lord. You know things have gone to far when they are shaking the camera, for effect, after the picture, apparently shaking the polaroid was so 2004, now its camera shakin or bust. Everyone I know pretty much is done with this school shit tommorow, and even derek is finished on monday, so things should pick up.

The first night i got into town I ran into christian by shear fluke and that was awesome. I also hung out with lil corby gurskey and lee boyes, both of whom i actually get to see as they are not in school. Christian and amber get here tommorow, I think tara got back today, adrian is here. Tons of people are coming back and as such the next three weeks are going to be deadly.

So obviously I am super stoked to be back. This is probably the last time I will get to come back for a month cause after I am done my m.a. I am going to have to get a proper job, or at least string together a bunch of disparate part time research contracts, and that won't allow for extended trips home. Apparently you can go home again, if you have a flexible schedule, and you refuse to leave.
Friday, December 1st, 2006
2:01 am
i don't know if this is accurate

as i would have to actually successfully seduce someone to 'escape.'
Monday, November 27th, 2006
2:55 am
Last evening I had what I believe at some point in time, possibly this one, what would be refered to as 'a grand old time.' The evening began with me watching my habs lose to the cursed philadelphia flyers. the flyers suck, so the result was unexpected and disappointing. After this I went to a party where the person I was supposed to meet was not there. So I was forced to 'socialize.' My socializing took a positive turn when me and the woman who was hanging up curtains in her new house came to the conclusion that a whole lot of drilling could be avoided if the curtain rod was just flipped a lil bit and rested on pre existing mounts. That is probably the most successful peace of home adjusting i have ever been involved with. When people started to show up at the party it was good and I saw some folks I hadn't seen for a long time and had a particularly good conversation with a woman I knew from no one is illegal stuff.

Then I had to leave the party to go see malajube. That shit was allright. Those quebecers rocked out on the loud end of that particular spectrum. One of my favourite things about the show was a super fan, who I probably would have hated if I had been around him. Dude was losing his shit, non stop, in between songs, during songs, while the band was offstage, when one keyboard player walked off to vomit, when the same player returned from vomitting. Superfan was getting as sick as the band.

It was the only time I have seen a band smash their equipment. A guitar, which upon encore the smasher valued at one thousand dollars, and a keyboard. Take that instruments. I watched the show with tat, lee was there too, but he has no cell phone, so he is, for periods of time, dead to me.

When lee came back to life we went for a beer at the tap. The tankhouse at that place is delicious. We talked about politics. We are for it.

After my beer with lee I returned to the house party. There was dancing. This made me happy. So I danced until the dance floor waned out and I embodied drunkness to a degree that I felt the need to return home. Had the dance floor not hit the skids I probably would have stuck around longer. But when the beat stops I guess I do too.

On friday I met up with people in my program. This was awesome. I was so stoked. The only person I knew well at the meeting was my friend ricky. Everyone else was a first year m.a. student and I had a great time talking about our department and what not. I didn't connect with many people in my program last year. The only person I met from my year that I hang out with is ricky. The other person I see from time to time is beenash, but I knew her from before school. So it was good to meet some people who I figure there are strong possibilities for us hanging out like friends. This means that I am looking forward to the department party on friday. Where there will hopefully be as many pomegranite martinis a flying as they were last year.

After that I watched the habs beat buffalo which was good as buffalo is one of the best teams in the league. Then I went out for a brew with katie, simon and j. good times were had by all, especially on the walk home when simon bought a bag of smartfood popcorn, which I enjoyed very much.

Friday I also hung out with leslie which was deadly. We looked at pictures at the AGO and then looked at moving pictures at the cinemateque and then ate our weight in grilled bread cheese and meat at the rebel house. If you are in the market for a nice grilled cheese our club house I'm a tell you that the rebel house will treat you right. I was a little vexed to see that the meatloaf sandwhich which I had enjoyed previously was no longer on the menu. I figure sandwhiches are the most honest place for meatloaf based on the name, which means it is honesty, ergo best policy, possibly best practice, possibly work related for my research stuff.

ON sunday me and lee ate KFC. Lee suggested it. I agreed. I don't know why. KFC is gross. Full on. I then read a bunch of the new upping the anti which is a journal a few of my friends work hard on. I really like it. ALl the stuff is good. I quite liked this critique of this gramsci is dead book by andrew thompson. So you should buy the issue and then read that shit. You can google upping the anti and the site will come up.

This week i have a full day of bargaining to look forward to, whoop de fuck.
Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
2:39 am
so far my 27th year can be characterized as...
less useless. take that 26. don't let the door hit ya where god split ya.

we have had some department meetings for the local this week. these meetings have been disappointing for numerous reasons. i will now let you know what those are. aren't I swell. there have been three meetings. i have pedalled my ass up to OISE for each of these. three people have attended these meetings. at one meeting there was one person, at another two, and from my activisty department the sum total of zero. now you may say, yah, nick is mad cause no one wants to get involved with the union. not so dear friends. i understand the trials and tribulations of student life...i have been pretending to be terribly vexed by it for months. i know people are too busy to do anything else. especially when they only have a year to do a thesis m.a., and are still functioning under the illusion that is going to happen. what pisses me off is these people, some of whom are around, DON'T COME TO THE MEETINGS FOR THE FREE FUCKING PIZZA!!!

Cause where does that leave me friends? I will tell you where it leaves me, way the fuck outside of pizzadelphia. we have only had pizza at one meeting so far. I figured we put the pizza thing on the notice, and people will show up for pizza. That is what I have done at the beginning of every year, and I have even tried at the beginning of every semester, the entire time I have been a student. You see a meeting with free pizza and you go to it. And you eat. And you leave. That is one of the few ivory tower payoffs there are. It should be accrued.

So yah, two days I expected pizza and it was not forthcoming. When the sole person showed up to the meeting today I felt so bad there wasn't pizza for her that I said I would give her $5 to go get a slice, or if she wanted two slices I would give $7. She told me not to worry about it. But I do. That is just kind of my style. If I showed up to a meeting expecting pizza and there wasn't any I would weep.

I will get my share of delicious pizza tommorow evening when Leslie, my aunt, comes to my house to watch Grey's Anatomy with me and we have a pizza party. I have heard this unconfirmed rumour that this is the type of activity that numerous people would engage in under the moniker of "hanging out" with someone they were dating. Poppycock says I.

I then read my friend derek's comments on my friend lee's blog and realized that I don't know a lot about stuff that I probably should know about. Signified...signifier, better get on that train. I had the same feeling while participating in a internet chat session with lee and my sister lara. Perhaps I should sign up for a fancy grad course and get my dialectic of insecurity on.

I haven't heard back from the journal who was supposed to publish me yet. This is kind of disconcerting. I am pretty sure they are going to tell me to fuck right off cause my revisions were so late. That would be...appropriate, but I wouldn't like it very much.

So tommorow is going to be a less dissapointing day because I don't care that no one is going to show up for our meeting, I forget which department it is for, though I believe it might be Human Development and Applied Psychology...if that department exists. I am not sure that it does.

I sent in two requests for transcrips today. One to the good ol' U of R and the other to U of T. U of T can't give me mine without a credit card number...I guess my $6,628 dollars in tuition only goes so for...[aneurysm goes here].
Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
12:49 am
is what I could have said last night before I entered the mod club to see hot chip. of course this would involve me imposing a pluralistic conception of an entity, that would be the chip's part, to a group that defines itself as a singular functioning entity, therein lies the chip. In this case what that single functioning entity would not in fact be a single entity at all. It is a fragment of single functioning entity, that is, of course, the nature of the chip, heated or otherwise.

so yes I, like my good friend sharmeen saw hot chip last night. i did not see sharmeen, and I did not see most people at the show, cause i had to go upstairs to the 'balcony' of the mod club. while i thought the volume was a tad low at the start hot chip is super fucking fun and they lived up to my expectations. i was glad to have a spot from whence I could actually see the show as the balcony is in fact just a very small second story space where there are perhaps 40 positions from where you could actually see any show. so it is very much like the second level of the distrikt in regina, which used to be called the state.

and speaking of the state empirically and empireically it seems as though the democrats have taken back the 'house' in the U.S. who fucking cares? a kinder gentler hegemony,i mean it isn't even that, whoop de fuck. and same goes for the senate.

I am almost 27. So take that 26. You have had it to sweet for too long. It is a new year's time to shine. Lets see if I can waste my 27th year on this planet in similar fashion to the way I wasted my 26th. Or I could actually do some stuff...yah, maybe lets go with plan b(Less useless).

It is in fact the anniversary of my birth on the 11th of November. I will be celebrating it in style by getting my fucking BBQ on at the ol' phils bbq shack. then I am going to go take up residence in the county of blottostan for the evening. I hear the view is lovely, though it tends towards the tile end of the aesthetic spectrum.

I have booked my ticket, and by I, I mean my mom paid for my ticket to regina with her airmiles. I wil be returning home on the same day as mr. lee knuttila as we can't be apart for to long now can we? No we cannot.

I am now the internal chair of the local of which I am a member at the OISE where I, supposedly, go to school. We had our first executive meeting. It was very long. Very long indeed. We will be doing a lot of work in relation to our bargaining. I had lost quite a few, that is 2, job opportunities in the ol' saskabush due to my lack of bargaining experience. I have no idea why this happened. Bargaining amounts to spending a lot of time in a room sitting across the table from people who are making you uncomfortable, these people tell you stuff you don't want to hear, and you think that they are, at some point in time, going to try to fuck you. So bargaining is in fact like a first date. Now if I had not been hired based on my lack of first date experience that would be completely understandable. Though also very stupid, as I do quite well on first dates if I do say so myself.

I now have a beard. It is my beardst friend. It is alwasy around when I need it and it makes me feel better. Even if it is itchy. Which it oftentimes is. So if you have any helpful hints in that regard I would appreciate it. I have tried usin the internet to de-itch my beard but so far no luck. It just tells me to do stuff I allready do...like wash it. Oh, but in case you are wondering, dudes on the internet who have beard sites are wicked stoked on beards. For real.

Lee now has a digital camera. So my myspace page is going to get a lot of pictures on it I would imagine.

My room was cleaned today, by myself. I have this awesome rug that my dad gave me. My dad has given me a lot of cool stuff. Mostly clothes. He sent me this birthday card today and the caption was 'sparky was having trouble due to jim reading the directions upside down' and then the picture was this little poochy hanging out of a doggy door that was at the top of the door as opposed to the bottom. I laughed but then I thought to myself. Poor sparky, and fuck jim, you should take better care of those who depend on you, and doggy doors should be large, with easy access, and many treats waiting on either end. Cause doggies deserve nothing less. I would like a dog. I recently talked to someone who just got a beautiful dog, they sent me pictures, and I was very jealous.

But it was a nice card and I appreciated it.

Not a whole heck of a lot going on this week except for tons of fucking meetings. I think from now on meetings should be run as follows. You walk into a room. Everybody talks at the same time about what they had decided to do before they entered the meeting. Then everyone walks out and you do what you had allready planned on doing. This would at least be somewhat honest, and thereby nearing the best policy.

I was wicked tired today, due to activities with j and lee after the hot chip show. I did go out for a little while with a friend of mine, who seemed antsy about a presence on the cyberspace so I will not use his name. But I had a great time and he bought me pints as a early bday gift. There ain't nothing wrong with catching up with old friends. Which I will do on Dec. 5 when I go back home.
Friday, October 20th, 2006
1:52 am
i have acquired gainful employment
You heard it hear first, unless I told you allready, which would put you in the fine company of everyone who innocently inquired "how are you" in my vicinity tonight. Yup, they didn't even have to be asking me that question. There were a lot of confused people at the diasporic hegemonies conference, so many academics I don't know who now know about my gainful employment.

I went to a talk tonight at that conference. It was on condoleeza rice. It was a talk about...oh you know, her. I think I now know never to start a talk with an audre lorde quote at the beginning of talk, where are you gonna go from there? Perfection? Good call. The talk was kind of interesting but it was like "yup, condoleeza rice is a super powerful black woman..." and it didn't really go anywhere after that. She did coin a term condification, which is kind of like the edward said role of intellectual stuff but for the ruling class. Afterwards there was a question and answer period. One person asked if based on gramscis definition of hegemony if condoleeza rice was the emobiement of someone acting against her own interests. I disagreed with that statement based on, oh, you know, this thing called class. I seem to remember Gramsci being kind of concerned with that particular power relationship. And I am pretty sure that Condoleeza Rice is acting in complete accordance with her class interests, and that is kind of an important part of who she is.

After the talk i went for coffee with my friend Ricky and it was good. The place we went was on bloor not far from OISE and it was pretty fucking weird. It was super fucking bright, which isn't what I look for in a coffee shop. I am not saying I want to drink coffee in a dank pit, though if the coffee was good, and the pit wasn't full of snakes, I would consider it. the place just reminded me of elementary school when you were doing a unit on 'other cultures' and your teacher felt the need to put up pictures of places, people, and food from those cultures. But this place didn't have pictures of the people, or the places, just the names of where they got the coffee from. I guess they don't want you thinking of the people who are around where your coffee is grown, or the conditions of that work, but they do want you to know exactly what is happening at the other end of the giant shop, cause everything has a spotlight on it.

Then I got home and watched grey's anatomy and it was, as per usual, the fucking bomb. I wish my job involved grey's anatomy in some way, maybe I can figure out how to work that. It looks like my job is going to involve looking at best practice in regards to preventing neurotrama pretty much everywhere. So I am going to pitch gravity as a best practice for ensuring shit isn't dropping on peoples heads all the time.

On wed. I hung out with simon and amber which was great. I don't get to see them that often, though I have been seeing more of simon lately, and I will be hanging out with the both of them a lot this weekend. It is good to have people around that you love lots. We talked about this and that. They are both starting to think about applying for prof's jobs cause they are both 8 months to a year'ish from being done their PhD's. That is pretty fucked, and they felt the same way. We are going to hang out with a friend of ours from back in Undergrad who gets in on sunday night for a conference. We have all hung out at the same time only once since back in the day. And back in the day was like six years ago. And me and simon and amber and christine hung out all the time. So it should be a good weekend. Our friend is a lawyer now and is getting married. She has a house and a daughter. I am a best practice researching thesis no working on revisions avoiding bargaining committee member slacker with a nearly finished cube of pilsner empties in my kitchen. I am quite allright with that.

Though maybe I shouldn't be...whatever, fuck it. At this point in the big lebowski the big lebowski says "oh yes, fuck it, that's your answer to everything isn't it. Newsflash Mr. Lebowski. The revolution is over. The bums lost. My suggestion to you sir is to do what your parents did sir, get a job." The big lebowski then rambles on for a little while and when the dude leaves he takes one of his, many, rugs. I did get a job today, but I would still steal the lebowski's rug, or condoleeza rice's for that matter. Though getting out of Ms. Rice's house would probably be even harder than getting into Ms. Rice's house. So I will probably not be stealing her furnishings anytime soon. But I would, if given the chance, you can count on it.

On tuesday I went to macmaster for a rally cause it looks like they will have to go on strike on monday. We can't go up on monday cause our local is bargaining, so that is kind of a drag.

On tuesday night, after I had a meeting, I came home and me and lee went out with J and Courtney. We went to this place called the beaver. We walked in and there were lots of sceney looking folks and really good music. So I of course turned around, walked back outside, and called j's cell phone. This is proof that despite the fact that most people I meet seem to be fond of me, I am a nerd. This is not news to anybody. It is my best practice.

J wanted to crack the cube of pil that lee brought him back from Regina. And we did as such. There are only three left, though when we were cleaning up we found four of the pil cans to be nearly full, tsk, tsk, tsk. I know those weren't can's that had been left in my capable hands.

You might have noticed that earlier on in this here blogtacular I talked about an empty cube of pil. And then I talked about it later on, and how it came to become empty. I guess technically that isn't foreshadowing. But a lot of things feel like that to me lately. They are around earlier, and then they come up later. I guess that means I am getting older, cause I am certainly doing lots to not get any wiser.

Though I have been reading fiction in my dedication to the cause that is the procrastination. I just reread white noise by dellilo and have started the piano man's daughter by timothy findley. I loved white noise the second time around. Which makes sense cause that guy is a total fucking genius. And the piano man's daughter is treating me just fine so far. It is, like, totally a story.

Speaking of stories I got this video from pitchfork this week. I had stephen merrit, who I guess did some music for that lemony snicket audio book stuff, and the atlanta cable anchor was talking about how if little boys and girls did something that "something dark and sinister would happen to them," and stephen merrit is like "well, that will happen to them anyway," the anchor's uncomfortable chuckle was sweet justice.
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
1:44 am
oh, see, you just had to tackle time travel
so this evening on monday night football the chicago bears played the arizona cardinals. the arizona cardinals are quite possibly the worst team in professional sports (this of course relies on everyone admitting that the CFl, and specifically the saskatchewan roughriders have as much professional sports credibility as...well, I guess themselves, and that ain't much). and the chicago bears were losing by twenty points at half time. and their offence didn't score any points. and they won. which was a shitty deal for arizona and me and lee weren't too impressed.

but while the game was on the announcer pointed out that the 2006 chicago bears had become the 1985 chicago bears (who were really really good, as far as I can tell). This now lends credence to somebody on a sports field, or some other violent terrain saying, "I am going to hit you so hard that time will fold in upon itself." I am really looking forward to the string theory defence myself. I mean it was hard enough worrying about the middle linebacker, now you have to worry about a wide array of middle linebackers in different dimensions and times. Football coaching just earned its public positioning.

Before I came to monday night football I came from the trailer park boys. It was OK. There were lots of kittens so I liked it. Before that I ate dinner that lee made. It was delicious. A lovely penne dish with chicken, garlic, onions, capers, tomaters, red peppers and feta. I did the dishes. So that made me as happy as I had been all day.

Before that I took a nap. Before that I had a union meeting. Before that I woke up. Before that it was sunday. On sunday I went to my aunts for dinner. We had a fantastic apple turnip soup. Folks, let me tell you, the apple turnip soup recipe in the Canadian Living cookbook, that is news you can use. Leslie calls the Canadian Living Cookbook her bible. That is the kind of idolatry I can get behind 100%. The moonies are finished folks. Getting well fed, that trumps every other cult I have ever heard off.

Perhaps we should construct a giant centrepiece on the top of my aunts giant condo tower. It will be a beacon to us who lack the virtue to de-vein, the passion to puree, the conviction to convection. Turn west, turn bloor west, therein lies redeptiom, marinated redemption. No bones, no can's, no tetra paks, some of that real yummy, yummy, yummy. Ooh wee. Put it in your tummy.

Before that it was sunday afternoon. I went to the gym. I saw my friend Sarah there. They just had a great result in their strike vote they worked really hard on. So that is good.

Before that I watched a bit of football. Before that I went for brunch with sharmeen. It was good to see her. I don't get to see enough of my toronto friends. They are all very busy.

Before that I watched a bit of football. Before that I woke up. Before that it was sat. On Sat. evening I went to the old york and had a few drinks. there were some grey's anatomy fans there. but they became a little skeptical and shifty eyed when I started discussing the grey's anatomy blog on the grey's anatomy website. which is the source of both my laptop wallpaper and the shirt that expresses my love for george o'malley. wwgd - what would george do. open heart surgery while trapped in an elevator, I'd like to see Jesus do that, without his eery powers. He does get to go through surgery school though, i am all for even playing fields.

So after I had to encounter these fair weather bush league grey's anatomy 'fans' I watched some hockey with simon. that was fun. Though my habs lost. And I didn't get to see the whole of that game. And the leafs won. I fucking hate the leafs. Before that it was...lets skip to thurs. On thurs. I went to see TV on the radio and grizzly bear. It was a great show. I have been waiting to see TV on the Radio do a headline set for two years and while the lead singers voice gave out, which may have had something to do with all his booty shaking, it was still a great show. Their songs are so fucking goood. They didn't do dry drunk emperor though, which made me feel dissed. Grizzly bear was awesome. I had never heard them before. Now I want too. Some dude was heckling that. The big TV on the Radio dude with the fro didn't like that one bit. He kept bringing it up. ANd someone kept trying to steal that dudes scarf, and he didn't like security telling people to not flash photograph or use their cellphones. His concern was understandable, but security was doing that stuff cause off TV on the Radio's dvd filming. So that guy can get fucked...actually no. I really liked him. He has a voice like an angel.

I believe I will continue to use this live journal as a vessel for procrastination. So get used to fairly frequent, fairly incoherent ramblings. Perhaps one day I will write a blog that will be so good that commentators will say, that is a 2006 blog, and then I will prove that you don't need a whole bunch of athletes, and a big stadium, and tv time outs to make time fold in on itself. I will write that shit so hard that it will be, like, the space time discontinuum.
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